Arabic Academy Programs

Our academy offers two programs in Arabic learning for non-native speakers. These programs are uniquely designed by experts upon the evaluation of current practices from the idea-stage right up to the implementation-stage.

Arabic Language Diploma ALD

ALD is a syllabus specially designed for native and non-native Arabic experts to assist new Arabic language learners for the purpose of communication, and more importantly, for career and academic advancements.

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Arabic Through Quran ATQ

ATQ is a newly innovative approach in understanding the Arabic language. Designed by experts in the Arabic and Islamic studies, this program aims to simplify the Arabic learning while providing a deeper understanding of the Holy Quran. This method also helps to develop the recitation of the Holy Quran by correcting the pronunciations as with the intonations.

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Specialised courses

In addition to the main programs we offer ALD and ATQ, our Academy offers specialized courses and consultancy services for individuals and institutions interested in Arabic learning programs..

Specialized Training Programs

Short intensive courses in learning communication, presentation, and other skills.
Teacher training programs also available.

Academic Arabic

We aim to help the student excel academically in their field of study and provide the required language tools for undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

Arabic for Business

To assist traders and businessmen in their field and provide them with the linguistic skills they need for their businesses.

Teacher Training Programs

Specialized training programs for those who have chosen Arabic in schools, universities, and other related centers.

What We Offer

Arabic for all, different courses to cater to all needs

Arabic for all, different courses to cater to non-native speakers, in identical campus based and online learning programs. Personal and group based learning with flexible scheduling offered on weekdays or weekends.

Executive Diploma

Diploma of Arabic Learning for non-Native Speakers accredited from partner universities in Malaysia.

Corporate, and Group Studies

Arabic Language Academy provides courses and programs for groups and institutions for non-native Arabic speakers.

Consultancy and Research

We provide advisory services to educational institutions, prepare joint programs according to individual needs and prepare collaborative research

Universities Supplementary Courses

Providing courses for university students taking Arabic courses as a required subject and for those majoring in Arabic and Islamic Studies

Media and Publishers

Specialized courses for media production and publishers by reviewing the content, training the programs presenters, and producing Arabic episodes and clips.

Translation and Editing

Translation and editing services for students, researchers and professionals by linking them with authorized partners