Arabic Language Diploma ALD

The Arabic Learning Diploma is a student-oriented educational program for non-native speakers interested in studying the Arabic language. This program is suitable for the purpose of pursuing studies in Arabic universities or in seeking employment in the Arab Nation.
The program is comprised of monthly intensive classes. Each student must complete all levels in accordance with the Standards of Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Each level offered is in the form of an intensive 60 – 180 hours including a midterm and final exam per level.
This program adopts the most sophisticated curriculum in teaching the Arabic language which is a specially developed level-based system targeted for non-native speakers.
By passing the final exam with at least 60% attendance students will be awarded with the certificate “DIPLOMA OF ARABIC LEARNING FOR NON-NATIVE SPEAKERS”.


ALD Program Goals:


Enhancing students’ with the skills and language proficiency in the Arabic language


Developing students’ with the capacities, communication and interaction skills within the Arabic language environment


Enhancing students’ with the analysis skills and distinction of linguistic components


Enhancing students’ with the knowledge of various aspects of the Arabic and Islamic culture along with its linguistic contexts

Structure of the Diploma

A. Levels of the ATQ program: